August 12, 2016

Hello again! I know we’re well into August (15 days till my birthday woo) but I thought I’d do a late July favourites post. This is my first favourites post on this blog so there are going to be a few products that I’ve used for a while but I especially loved using in July.

I usually don't use that many John Frieda products but this deep conditioner has worked for wonders for my hair and extensions. Since the weather has been so great my hair has been getting really brittle and dried out. Although I'm trying to cut down on how much heat I use on my hair, I also blow dry and straighten my hair and extensions quite a lot. This deep conditioner has really helped my hair to recover from heat damage and it's given it a nice shine. I've used it so much I've almost finished the pot! 

Although I usually go peel-off face masks because they're easier to remove, I have been loving this mud mask. Not only does it smell amazing, it does wonders for my skin because it's packed with antioxidants! I only use this on my face occasionally but when I do I can really tell the difference. Also, these products are 'leaping bunny' certified.

I've wasn't aware that Wilkos had a beauty range till I started working at one of their stores last year. I picked up this primer because it looked so pretty but I wasn't expecting much of it. Surprisingly, it's works a treat as base for my make up. It's also really cheap and I've re-purchased this a few times. So glad I found this gem!

I got this as a Christmas present last year and I've been using it a lot recently. To me this body butter smells really sweet and creamy. I know it's kind of odd to describe a smell as creamy but if you've used this product before you'll understand. It leaves me skin feeling so soft and it's lasted me or ages so I haven't had to re-purchase. 

I've had this skirt for a while now and I annoyingly can't find the exact link for it on the website but they do have lots of similar ones. I've worn this skirt so much throughout July because of the sunny weather. I've worn it to work, evenings out with friends and just for a casual look. I find it really pulls my outfits together and goes perfectly with a nice crop top. 

It's crazy how quickly July went. I've got lots planned for August including my birthday, getting stuff ready to move back to university and plenty of interesting blog posts. 

I'll write soon xox

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love reading what people are loving throughout the month!!

    Darriyan xo

    1. Thanyou :) I feel like I left is sooo late haha xx

  2. Lovely blog post! Hope you have an amazing birthday!! <3



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